wake up refreshed and restored with our revolutionary anti-Snore device

snoring is  a common condition that can disrupt your sleep. it happens when air can’t flow easily through your nose or mouth. mild or occasional snoring usually isn’t a cause for concern  but chronic snoring can increase your risk of certain health conditions like stroke and heart attack.

this anti-snore device stops snoring By applying appropriate pressure to the nasal septum and stimulating the sensory nerves appropriately, the soft palate and tongue root no longer block the trachea during sleep, allowing nasal breathing to be unobstructed, and alleviating the symptoms of nasal snoring.

why this anti-snore device is a must have in every home

  • improves your sleep quality.
  • wake up feeling more energized.
  • improves your general well-being.
  • quiet and restful sleep for everyone in the house.

advantages of this anti-snore device

  • secure and comfortable: one of the advantages of this snore reduction device is that it fits tightly. suitable for nostrils of any size and shape. the magnet can secure the nose so it won’t fall off in the middle of the night, even when moving around.
  • multi functional: this snore stopper can effectively prevent snoring and improve your overall sleep quality, which further helps to improve various health problems caused by snoring, such as dry mouth, poor breathing, memory loss, eTC.
  • easy to use: insert both sides of the clip completely into the nostrils. hold the bottom of the nose clip against the nasal septum. Just place the anti-snoring nose clip inside the nasal cavity to help improve the airflow in the nasal cavity.
  • portable and reusable: each nasal dilator is equipped with a delicate case to keep the clips clean, loss-proof. take it with you when you go on a business trip. Reusable and easy to clean. Wash the snore stopper and wear it again the next night.

product specifications

  • Main material: Imported silicone (non-toxic, odorless, and no side effects)
  • Color: transparent
  • Size: 1.4*2cm
  • Package: 1/2/4Pcs

usage method

  1. Before sleeping, please fully insert the spherical parts at both ends of the snoring device into the nostrils, with the raised positioning edge pressed tightly above the lips.
  2. After use, please rinse with clean water and put it into the box.
  3. The height of the user’s pillow should not exceed the height of one shoulder, and it is not advisable to overeat before bedtime.
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Slit design for nasal hair to keep foreign or unwanted particles from entering the lungs.
  • Advanced Conical shape makes it feel very comfortable in the nose.
  • Prevents Snoring, Sleep Apnea & Dry-Mouth.
  • Made with medical grade silicone, more durable.

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