Pain relief " Traditional Chinese Body Spray" That Takes Away Your Joints and Body pains And Restore Quality Family Time.

Freedom And Flexibility Without Disappointments And Side Effects

  1. Active Ingredients: Pain relief sprays typically contain active ingredients that are known for their analgesic or anti-inflammatory properties, such as menthol, camphor, lidocaine, or NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

  2. Fast-Acting Formula: A quality pain relief spray should offer quick relief upon application, providing comfort and reducing pain in a short period.

  3. Easy Application: The spray format allows for easy and targeted application, ensuring that the affected area is covered evenly without the need for rubbing or massaging.

  4. Non-Greasy and Non-Staining: Many users prefer pain relief sprays that are non-greasy and non-staining to avoid discomfort and mess on clothing or skin.

  5. Long-Lasting Relief: The effects of the pain relief spray should ideally last for an extended period to minimize the need for frequent reapplication.

  6. Suitable for Various Pain Types: A versatile pain relief spray may be effective for different types of pain, such as muscle aches, joint pain, sprains, or strains.

  7. Convenient Packaging: Quality packaging with user-friendly features, such as an ergonomic spray nozzle or a secure cap, adds to the overall convenience of the product.

  8. No Strong Odor: While some people prefer a mild scent for aromatherapy purposes, a strong or unpleasant odor may be a drawback for others. Ideally, a pain relief spray should have a tolerable or neutral scent.

  9. Transparent Labeling: Clear and transparent labeling with information about active ingredients, directions for use, and any potential warnings or contraindications is essential for consumer safety.

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Net weight:100ml

Shelf life:2 years

The Product has a wide range of use towards your freedom from pain

  • You will never have to complain about Arthritis (Osteo-Arthritis, Gout & Rheumatoid)
  • You will say bye-bye to painkillers.
  • You will regain your precious good night sleep
  • You will live a healthy life without diseases, thus prolonging your life


Instructions On The Use Of The Spray

This Are Some Of Our Clients Success Stories That Will Bring You The Comfort And The Will To Choose Freedom From Pain

It’s a very useful aerosol spray. It can obviously relieve stubborn low back and leg Arthralgia after spraying. A refreshing feeling

Good Stuff. Instant effect can last very long time after use. You can instantly smell the medicine doing its way. But it is quite effective for relieving pain, especially when you spray several times on the painful area. Thank you.

Original product, maximum quality, long lasting effect, intense refreshing effect, effective for almost instant muscle pain, average time to start acting in about 5 minutes, also effective for migraines if applied carefully from the nape of the neck and center of the skull acting directly on the scalp, This is the most effective cryotherapy product I have tried in my life, I have had experience with at least 7 cryotherapy products in two countries to relieve ailments and other symptoms, this is my experience since 2023 the only one I have I have been using without a doubt since (I met him and used him for the first time)

I haven’t done heavy work for a long time, and after working for a few days, my arms ache and my hands ache. I have used it several times and others’ feelings have been very effective. It can effectively alleviate fatigue and pain, absorb quickly, and have a good therapeutic effect. Relax muscles and activate collaterals, relieve pain

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