Introducing The Egg-Shaped Tableware Cutlery Set That Will Transform Your Dining Experience Forever To The Finest, The Most Exquisite, And Absolutely Extraordinary Experience!


GHS 500

The quality has been tested and trusted. Unlike many other Cutlery sets you see out there. A simple trial will convince you.

This luxury and premium quality may not be for everyone.

It is strictly for the few ones that want top most quality at an affordable price.

Ideal for Family Daily UsePartiesGatheringsFamily DinnersCandlelight DinnerBanquetThanksgivingBBQWedding and other Formal Occasions.

Dining Isn’t Just A Meal; It’s An Art Form, An Experience, And A Statement Of Luxury.

Dear Friend,

Have You Ever Set The Table For Your Guests Or Even Your Family And Loved Ones To Eat, And Everything Just Looked Ordinary Like The Spoons, Forks, And Knives Just Looked Like What Everyone Is Using?

Even On Special Occasions, You’re Hosting A Dinner Party At Your Home. You’ve Prepared A Delicious Menu Of Your Favorite Dishes.

You’ve Set The Table With Your Finest China And Plates. You’ve Lit Some Candles And Played Some Wonderful Music.

But There’s Something Missing. Something That Will Make Your Guests Say Wow And Make You The Star Of The Show.

Because Your Spoons, Knives, And Forks Look Very Ordinary, Nothing Special About Them… You Need Something That Will Transform Your Dining Experience And Create Unforgettable Memories

WHAT YOU NEED IS..Is The Creative Egg-Shaped Tableware Cutlery Set, The Ultimate Solution For Your Dining Needs!


  1. The drainage hole is set for easy cleaning
  2. Humanistic design easy to take out
  3. Impress friends and family with unique and Luxury cutlery
  4. Integrated molding easy to clean
  5. Use to decorate car interiors, design home, design tv lighting, etc.
  6. Enjoy a stress-free installation process with no damage
  7. It is suitable for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, holidays, picnics, catered events and all occasions

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