After Now She MUST Sleep After NACKING !

Get Your Spouse Addicted To You With Our Combination Of Africans Most Potent Herbs, That Enhances Sexual Function In Both Men And Women And Say Goodbye To Pre-matured Ejaculation and Low Libido

You Can Be That  real man on bed

Thank God I Didn’t Die Of Taking Different ConCoTions

Before now I  have opened door to some friends and family members that advices me to take different kinds of  herbal  combination such as ginger-garlic-turmeric-cloves-lime ct I  should chew alligator pepper and bitter kola 30 minutes before the action of the other room that I will be sexually active  but all the efforts put together to help my. situation was proven abortive and I  was helpless combo.

Some said, eat half done okra and vegetable soup regularly, other said  blend onions, bitter and lime and extract the juice and drink..

Some even said that

 “If Not For FACEBOOK Maybe My Marriage Would Have Ended”


At  some point my woman will mock me saying look at this woman in man’s clothes and I  will be pained and  I can’t  expressed my grievance because  I  know it’s   all my fault  and quietly I   turned  to the wall and wept  bitterly and said God when will you  put an end to this embarrassment.


A Big Thank You To FACEBOOK, 

I Would Have Either Lost My Wife To Another Man Because I Could Not Last In Bed Above 2-Mins,

Or I Would Have Died Out Of Depression.


One faithful evening i was relaxing on my bed while watching Sabinus skits after at the middle of the video an advert popped out talking about while Nigerian man don’t last in bed..


I clicked to read more, on scanning through saw a product called PERFOMAX, 

On the website they described all my problems and i was shocked, it was as if they were talking to me

I had a feeling that the product  might work for me  but at some point I was doubting that the product might not work but my situation overcame my doubt and  I ordered for the product to be deliver the next day.


 At exactly 4;30 pm the next day my phone rang behold and below the rider was at the gate I quickly rush down the stairs  and I received  the  product I was so anxious to  take it but there was need to eat before taking it and so I  waited after my dinner I took the PERFORMAX TEA  and  after 3 hours when the time came for the business of the other room I was so energetic  to my greatest surprise and the energy keeps increasing until.

It get to a point when my woman was about to have her orgasm that was when  it stimulated  my spermatozoa {sperm]and I came and the both of us screamed out our feelings to the extent that my  security asked in the morning saying ” oga ur Madam dey sick? 


why e come dey cry for nite? and I  had to lie  to him that she had night fever, I was so happy she confessed in the morning that she love the way I gave it to her last night, 


The most surprising thing was that when i got to the office the next day I was busy working till about 10 minutes to 4 pm when I check my phone hmmmmm guest what I saw? 25 love messages my woman that   rarely send me love messages.

The Sexual Performax Tea That Energies You In The Other Room

  • This product PERFORMAX will help you as a man to boost your testosterone and follicle that are needed for optimal testicular maturation, maximal sperm production and thereby make you sexually active.
  • It is capable of suspending your spermatozoa {sperm} for 25  to 45 minutes depending on your disposition.     I know most of you will definitely ask that what does a woman need  PERMORMAX for? yes you need it Ma, it will also interest you to know that the product boost your libido as a woman


 NOTE: that it is  dangerous to be a woman with low libido than to be a woman with average libido and in rare cases with high libido, 


Do you  also know that  stress, anxiety or depression can cause low libido and I am sure most of you are struggling with it and that is why  your man will touch you  at night  to turn on and you will say NO !NO !NO! 


Honey please  it can’t be today I had  stressful day and you will deny him of sex, know that it can be crazy when a man  have urge for  sex and is been denied,


I  bet you when you do that the first time, second time and the third time you will do that he will begin to pick in interest on one of those sex worker with high libido to help him  calm the tension  and by so doing  attention will be shifted from you gradually  and you will become the   second option or last resort.   



Dates with the presence of compounds such as alkaloids, saponins and flavonoids in dates increases sexual desire and sexual intercourse in males and females by affecting the central nervous system and stimulating dopamine secretion, 

It activates the mesolimbic system and the nucleus accumbens traditional medicine have referred to several medicinal properties of date palm, including strengthening the sexual desire of males and increasing lust in females.

Dates control blood sugar. 

As dates have a low glycemic index (GI), they can help control blood sugar levels. That is why men with diabetes can consume it to increase the production of insulin.

Also, the presence of compounds such as alkaloids, saponins and flavonoids


Ginseng is a plant — well, actually three plants, depending on the origin. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), Panax ginseng — the Latin name for Asian ginseng — is native to China, Korea and parts of far-eastern Siberia.


A 2020 review suggests ginseng may improve sperm quality, while other studies revealed little or no benefits. According to most high-quality research, ginseng has a very mild impact on a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection during sex, Men may take ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction.


A 2012 study trusted sources of 119 men with mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction found that ginseng berry extract improved overall sexual function. The study lasted 8 weeks, during which some of the group received Korean ginseng berry extract, and others received a placebo.


Ginger increased sexual arousal toward the erotic stimuli in both men and women who had completed the neutral fluids tasks. Findings provide further evidence of the role of disgust in sexual problems, and, importantly, that ginger may improve the sexual function of individuals via its sexual arousal-enhancing effect.


Additionally, ginger has also been found to increase blood flow. An in-vitro study showed that ginger can prevent blood clots and help widen blood vessels, the latter of which is a crucial component of getting an erection. The process of getting an erection involves a series of events involving blood vessels, erectile tissues, nerves, gasses and other moving parts.

Regular Package

The pack contains sachets of the Performax tea



The tea tastes really nice, I like mine with honey. Had a wonderful time during Valentine’s Day and it’s all thanks to this tea, didn’t expect it at all but haven’t had a night quite as passionate as that


Wife and I love this tea. We drink it every night before bed and it helps end the evening on the right note😉.


PRICE - 19,000